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Hello and welcome to my website. This page showcases my camouflage uniform collection, which is ever-growing. Please feel free to email me with comments or questions pertaining to the site.

About Me
I've been collecting camouflage uniforms and related militaria since 2005. I've visited lots of places since then in hopes of finding yet another interesting piece to add to my collection. I continue to acquire items for my collection. I have a wide interest in camouflage uniforms, especially those that seem odd, have interesting colouration or strange patterns. The bulk of my collection is comprised of European camouflage, but I am always looking for anything from anywhere.

Please note that the items displayed here are not for sale.
That said, I have many great resources to share in order to help other interested individuals start or expand their own collections. Send me a message! I'm always willing to help get someone on the right track.

Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your visit!

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